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              From the Dojo of Rob Jones

Dear Fellow Karate Student

Thank you for your interest in karate lessons.

My name is Rob. Some people call me the "friendly Sensei," which frankly is a bit embarrassing! However you can ask me anything about learning karate; no matter how silly a question it may seem to you, it won't to me - I want to help.

At our karate club, we are like an extended family. We all laugh a lot and enjoy each other's company; maybe that's the secret of why the club has grown so large over the past 20 years, with 6 venues in the Bristol and Bath area, and a thriving junior group. For more details, follow the link to our Junior Karate Club

However, despite the fact we have a sense of humour, our club members are a dedicated bunch all with serious martial art ambitions. We work hard but with a relaxed and non-judgemental group. No yelling or stiff formalities.

It seems to be a recipe that works!

Interested in Learning Karate?

I am a karate 5th dan, gained after 25 years of hard practice. Although I have experience, I certainly don't consider myself a "Master" - I learn every day, just like you.

It’s a strange fact of life that we are often in our thirties before we start to understand what we truly want out of life. This revelation sometimes comes too late for many people who believe their days of physical challenges are behind them!

If you are one of those people who believe you're “past it.....”


Of course karate is a physically demanding activity, but, at the risk of stating the obvious, we recognise everyone as an individual, with their own personal strengths and weaknesses. At our karate club progress and fitness is entirely at your own pace, we’re there to encourage you not wipe the floor with you!

Experience suggests that many people are put off by the thought of being “thrown in at the deep end”. That does not happen at our club! Be reassured that beginners are not subjected to aggressive or confrontational fighting situations. It is the quieter 'Yin' skills that are the most prominent at first.

An open mind is a must. The only thing our style doesn't embrace is 'competition' sport Karate.

Finally, I also study Qigong, pronounced “Chi Gung,” (Chinese exercises designed to increase your energy and improve your overall health and well being) and Japanese shiatsu massage. You will see these influences in my karate classes.

So... What's in it For You?

Frankly a lot!!!

To sum up, joining our karate club is….

• Good for getting / keeping fit,

• Good for stimulating the old grey matter, and…

• Great for meeting friendly like minded people

If you are that 30 something considering your future, or someone younger looking to discover the wisdom of the martial arts; or indeed someone older looking for a fresh, vibrant and stimulating new direction, then we could be the activity for you!

We have 6 venues to choose from, just visit our local pages for more details

To help we have created an information sheet detailing all the factual information you need to make an informed decision.

We will send you that information only on request.

It will be your opportunity to get to know us properly before physically having to attend.

All you need to do is fill in the form below..

Request for Information

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If you would prefer to chat then please give me a call or send a text to 07837 290133 (if I’m not around please leave a voice message and I'll return your call).

Ever wanted to see the world on a budget?

In the past year or so, students from Bristol karate club,from beginner to black belt, have travelled to France, Italy, Japan and Portugal in the quest for knowledge (and good food & wine with friends). You can come too!

Anyway, enough of that, I am sure you can make up your own mind about me and our club in due course.

For Love Not Money

We charge a small fee, but don't teach Karate for money – we’re not keen on some of the “martial art professionals” who appear to promise the earth and charge high monthly premiums and hit you with hidden costs like grading fees. All the income from our members goes back into the club for future development.

None of our experienced team of venue instructors are paid. They are all volunteers and do it because they love it.

Join up and I guarantee you will receive excellent value for money.


If you have read this far then you might actually, seriously be considering visiting us. If this is the case, and I sincerely hope that it is, we will give you a free month’s trial If you mention this web page “Karate Lessons”.

Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully practicing with you.

Yours faithfully

karate lessons

Rob Jones

Karate Lessons

We have 5 Venues covering the Bristol/Bath region...

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